How to Reach People for Christ (7 ways)

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One of the last things Jesus said before he went back to Heaven was for us to make disciples!   If you have a passion to reach people who are far from God and bring them into the Kingdom chances are you already know these …

  1. Talk about Jesus ALL OF THE TIME!:   People need to know who you worship.  After all Jesus is not just the “reason for the season” but He is the Reason the Church exists!  If all you do is talk about Jesus than people have no alternative than to simply do one thing if they interact with you and that is interact with the  One who sent you.   If Jesus is the Main focus of your life – than simply put… He will become the main focus of every conversation.
  2. Constantly USE THE WORD OF GOD: People are hungry for truth, not for politics, not for headlines, not for your opinion… but the TRUTH!  Christ says I am the Way the Truth and the Life…  and In the Beginning was the Word and the Word Was God…  If we are going to be serious about bringing others to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ – than we need to begin with Scripture .
  3. Irrelevant is Irreverent: Far to often I have been part of a service where I watched people turn off, even some yes go to sleep,  Why?  Because the Word was presented in a way that was irrelevant to their lives.   What good is doing a sermon series on “Making Life last a lifetime”  to a group of senior citizens who are widowed… ?   The Bible must be taught in a way that is relevant to folks lives – in a way that they can understand… otherwise it is nothing more than spewing content from a soapbox… and let’s face it  Having your mouth washed out was never fun.
  4. Be Awesome in All you do: Is there room for error – of course.  But keep in mind people are less forgiving than what you take them for.  If you are doing things in the name of Christ – than you should be giving it all you got… it should be nothing less than Excellent!     This is different than perfection.  Far to often in the church we expect the leg to do the arms job, and the ear to do the eyes job…  We are all parts of the body and each have a specific job that God has prepared us to do.   Prepare to do Excellence and Be Awesome in all you do.
  5. Planning is everything – Plans are nothing: Far to often folks will look at a plan and say – ah I know that… and not prepare.   The end result feels like something that is Winged.   If you look into the Old and New Testament it does not take you long to see that the path God leads us all on is carefully planned – and without that plan, or if we fall from it we are left in the wilderness.    If you plan to reach people for Christ – You Must Prepare.
  6. Make a Commitment – and Ask for one!: So many churches and leaders tend to fail.   When someone is being trained for sales they must first make a commitment to learn and know what they are offering!   It is no different with your relationship with Christ Jesus.     Once that is done – the salesman learns it is not enough just to give the pitch… but at some point the sale must be closed !   A commitment asked for.   I think the most effective way to reach people for Christ is when the church body is ministering to each others and everyone around them…  Make a commitment with all involved – and ask for one – anything else is just a 1 man show.
  7. Be Seeker Friendly:  If your offering something that is not friendly – why should someone come?    There is a big difference between being part of the world and being in the world.   Why does it have to be that people must first be saved before they come to church?    If your church is serious about reaching people for Christ – than becoming seeker friendly is more than just a desire.  Ginghamsburg UMC has an excellent program designed around children…  They have an excellent program designed around preteens- and then teens called the Avenue.   It is a come as you are approach – but full of Relationships and the end result is Kingdom Work is being done – People are coming to a saving Knowledge of the Grace of Christ Jesus.  The Warehouse is another ministry in Washington Court House Ohio, geared around kids on the fringe – and Lives are being changed.   Becoming Seeker Friendly I think is one of the ways to find not only our churches pews more than empty – but Hearts and Souls filled

What is it that causes you to fall in love with Christ?   How can you share that with others?

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